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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thanks for the WARNING!!

Animal studies suggest rimonabant can block the effects of marijuana

Thanks for the WARNING!!!
I'll pass...(The Bong that is)

All drug use is not abuse and all drug abuse is not addiction.

In a holistic sense everyone needs to alter their state of conscious once in a while in order to remain sane. It is a natural part of life.

Considering the side effects of modern day pharmaceuticals.. see VIOXXfor example...It's inarguably safer to smoke a joint or drink a beer than take a (fill in the blank)

Rimonabant's versatility traces back to its effects on the brain's reward system, circuitry that tells you to keep on doing something. Basically, it appears to help break the connection between an activity like smoking and the rewarding feeling it causes in the brain.

That sounds like the same stunt they pulled with WELLBUTRIN when they passed it off as the anti-smoking medication ZYBAN


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