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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prohibition costs Bill Murray a Medical Carrer

Bill Murray Posted by Hello

Bill Murray claims being caught smuggling 9lbs of cannabis through customs cost him his chance of becoming a doctor.

The Hollywood actor was caught with the drug at Chicago's O'Hare Airport in 1970, and Bill says he had to quit Denver's Regis College because of his criminal record, stopping him from fulfilling his medical ambitions.

He told Webster Hall curator Baird Jones: "When I started out, originally I wanted to be a doctor. I was at Regis College in Denver and I was very seriously pre-med.

I wanted to be some kind of emergency surgeon who would be down in the Caribbean going from island to island in paradise where I would be the only doctor for a hundred miles, and everyone would really need me in these life-or-death situations.

But something happened, and I had to drop out, and so then I took up acting."

Well Bill, if it makes any difference I think you were suppossed to be a comedian. We can blame prohibition for stealing your chance at being a doctor.


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