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Friday, January 21, 2005

Guards escorting teen before fatal fall huddled before interviews with police


EDMONTON (CP) - The guards who clashed with a disruptive teen before his fatal fall down a courthouse elevator shaft were left together for hours before they were questioned by police, an inquiry heard Thursday.

Bertsch testified the guards were together for more than five hours before they went as a group to Edmonton police headquarters where they were questioned separately about Young's death. Those interviews were videotaped by police.

The guards have all testified they got into a noisy scrap with Young, who was shackled and handcuffed, two days after the slim youth assaulted a female court officer.

The guards say they dragged Young, who they say was screaming and causing a disturbance, from the courthouse young-offender holding cells to an area near the elevator.

When he wouldn't calm down, one guard placed him face-first against the elevator door as they waited to move him to another floor.

Fayad, who is six-foot-four and weighs 240 pounds, has testified he pressed the boy into the elevator door and Young fell to his death.


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