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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Kingston Drug Raid Nets... Nothing

Channel 8 Knoxville

WVLT Volunteer TV’s Ron Sprowl was the only reporter on the scene.

Law enforcement officers from eight different East Tennessee agencies conduct a massive drug sweep at Roane County High School.

These specially trained dogs rub their noses in a lot of things, they sniff out illegal contraband, dogs inside the school and outside in the parking lots.

If the dogs indicate they smell drugs on a car, the car's owner is brought out to the car before it is searched.

"The dogs have indicated on several vehicles in the parking lot... We have indicated on some things in the school," says Washam.

Only this time all that was found was tobacco products.

Still that's illegal if you're under 18.

Last year one student was arrested and five others picked up drug charges.


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