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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Report scolds county policy

By Troy Anderson , Staff Writer

Los Angeles County's injured-worker policy encourages employees to file workers' compensation claims and boost their retirement packages with hefty disability pensions, a study released Monday found.

The Board of Supervisors recently ordered an investigation into the county's injured-worker system after the Daily News reported that an average of 79 percent of firefighters and 56 percent of sworn sheriff's employees received service-connected disability retirements in the past decade, a rate among the highest in the state.

Concern over the validity of some disability pensions was triggered as a result of recent reports showing 70 percent of officers retiring from the California Highway Patrol went out on industrial disability retirements, while 80 percent of top CHP administrators filed workers' compensation claims within two years of retiring.

We're supposed to trust these people with our lives when they are clearly stealing from us?


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