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Friday, February 25, 2005

Bill Conroy Debunks Border Scare

Bill Conroy
Narco News

State Dept. homicide stats put Narco-bogeyman scare on ice

Thanks, Bill. It's nice to see that someone is minding the store.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:36 PM  

  • It seems that the Drug Czar has just launched his very own Blog and Anonymous has been thoughtful enough to post the web address, (and nothing else) here on the comments section of Loretta's Blog.

    I checked out the site and I feel that the name of the Drug Czar's Blog is unfortunate because of the negative connotations associated with the words. Instead of, I would much rather see a name like, but given the history (and the political realities) of the drug issue I really should not be surprised at name chosen for the Blog.


    By Anonymous zen4usa, at 3:30 AM  

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