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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Home School Group Says Police Used Excessive Force


Some home schoolers say they were having a meeting in Simpsonville Park when an officer started bullying them.

Priscilla says, "I was frightened, I really didn't know who he was."

Priscilla’s 14 year old son, Glenn says, "He started yelling and screaming at this boy for having a knife, then pushed him down."

That’s when Priscilla says one of the other mothers tried to stop him, by getting between the officer and the student.

"She was trying to protect a student, we didn't know what was happening, he could've been a murderer, a rapist or anything, we just, he was attacking one of our kids and we were trying to stop him," says Jan.

"She turned to Jan and said call the police and that's when he told us he was the police. It didn't even occur to me he was a policeman, he acted so insane," says Priscilla.


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