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Monday, March 21, 2005

Police warn of pot-club dangers

By Gary Scott
SGV Tribune

PASADENA, CA -- Pasadena police and planners want to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries, or "cannabis clubs,' from locating within the city, saying such establishments breed crime and degrade neighborhoods.

They cite as evidence a report from Mark Siemens, police chief of the small Northern California town of Rocklin. Siemens compiled a list of complaints from four city police departments where pot clubs exist.

His report paints a picture of illicit drug dens that attract an "underground culture' of street criminals, drug dealers and "dopers.'

A dispensary in Hayward sold hashish, the report states, and one in Roseville let people smoke pot inside the facility. Residents of Upper Lake complained "the people coming to Upper Lake for marijuana look like drug users ('dopers'),' the report continues, and a shoe store in Oakland saw its business drop when a club opened next door.


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