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Friday, April 01, 2005

Man Sues Officer For $40M In Alleged Brutality Case

BALTIMORE -- A man filed a $40 million police brutality case against a Baltimore police officer on Wednesday, alleging the officer slammed him headfirst into the wall of a jail cell while he was handcuffed -- paralyzing him.

Albert Mosley, 54, accused Officer Bryan Kershaw of attacking him after the two men yelled at each other while Mosley, who was intoxicated at the time, was confined in a holding cell at the Western District on a misdemeanor charge for a probation violation in June 2003, his attorney, William Murphy, said.

"(The officer) went into the cell, putting Mr. Mosley into in a bear hug and threw him face-first against the concrete wall in the holding cell in the presence of four other people in the cell at the time," Murphy said.

Mosley, who now lives in an assisted-living facility, has very limited use of his arms and legs and is forced to use a wheelchair because of severe neck and spine injuries he suffered.


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