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Thursday, April 07, 2005

News Coverage of FBI Visit

As most of you will recall the FBI paid me a visit a few weeks ago over a post made on the Cannabis Culture forums.

ABC 3340 out of Birmingham took an interest in the story and interviewed me last week. Here is what aired on the news last night.

The reporter didn't get it quite right when she said I saw a post that threatened a Judge. That isn't what happened. The FBI saw a post that they considered to be threatening to a Judge and came to talk to me about it because I am the only American administrator on Cannabis Culture forums, a Canadian owned site and server.

Local Woman Caught in Free Speech Battle (windows media file)

On a side note....I have had one or two people express doubt that the FBI interview ever took place. One even claimed to have called the FBI and asked if they actually came to my house. As the reporter points out at the end of the interview....the FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations.
Now, I know that most of my blog readers are smart enough to know bull when they see it, but for those that aren't I hope this interview clears up any doubts you may have had.


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