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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Operation FALCON Fact Sheet

Operation FALCON successfully executed in excess of 10,340 felony arrest warrants and cleared by arrest or other means over 13,851 warrants.

This well-planned and well-executed tactical operation conducted by a dynamic “force multiplier” joint-agency law enforcement team was responsible for:

* the arrest of 154 documented gang members
* the seizure of 243 weapons
* the seizure of 14 vehicles
* the seizure of $373,000 cash
* the seizure of 30kg cocaine, .19kg heroin, 204kg marijuana, 39kg other drugs, a total of 210 drug seizures
* the arrest of 162 murder suspects
* the arrest of 68 kidnapping suspects
* the arrest of 638 armed robbery suspects
* the arrest of 38 arson suspects
* the arrest of 1727 assault suspects
* the arrest of 1818 burglary suspects
* the arrest of 12 extortion suspects
* the arrest of 4,291 major narcotics violation suspects, including Organized Crime/Drug Enforcement Task Force
* the arrest of 483 weapons violation suspects
* the arrest of 553 rape/sexual assault suspects
* the arrest of 106 unregistered sex offenders
* the arrest of 203 stolen vehicle suspects

Here's an example of how Operation falcon worked in Arkansas:
Area task force sweep results in 181 arrests

FORT SMITH — A multiagency task force arrested 181 people on felony and misdemeanor warrants in western Arkansas last week.

Six people were arrested in Logan County on charges relating to a marijuana distribution operation, said Billy Bryant, assistant special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Arkansas.

The raid led to the confiscation of $112,000 cash and the seizure of 160 acres of farm land with homes, barns and shops valued at $104,000, he said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenny Elser said brothers Larry and Terry Bollinger, brothers David and Felix Herrera and Edward Carter, all of the Booneville and Magazine area, and Jessie Ryles of Greenwood were arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.


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