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Friday, May 27, 2005

China appeals for public aid in drug fight

Associated Press

BEIJING - Chinese officials issued an unusual appeal to the public on Thursday for help fighting drug trafficking, acknowledging in a nationally televised news conference that they have failed to stop surging narcotics abuse despite repeated crackdowns.

"Although we've made a lot of achievements, the spread of drug problems remains serious," said Yang Fengrui, secretary-general of the National Narcotics Control Commission. "Heroin use is down in some areas, but the use of new drugs such as ecstasy, marijuana and others is increasing."

Communist Party leaders declared a "People's War on Drugs" in April, Yang said. He appealed to the public to inform on traffickers and to help addicts reform - a rare step by a government that usually says it can handle crime and social problems on its own.

"This `People's War on Drugs' cannot go ahead without the support of the broad masses," Yang said.

How awful it must be to live in a Communist country where the government encourages the citizens to turn each other in. The citizens of a free nation would never tolerate this kind of thing.


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