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Saturday, May 14, 2005


City noise SUCKS ASS

I now remember CLEARLY why I hate the city.
I HATE NOISE!!! (as the hibernating bear on Saturday morning cartoons used to say)

There is the noise of constant traffic. Rattling engines, blaring horns, squealing brakes and squalling tires.

There is the noise of my neighbor downstairs with her yapping puppy (whose shit she also thoughtfully leaves in our SHARED yard), 24 hour TV and boyfriend with a super cool but VERY LOUD motorcycle which he has made a point to pull in and out of the driveway (making sure to rev it as loud as he can RRRMMMMM RRRMMMMM RRRRMMMMM Rmm Rmm Rmm RMMMMMM) at least ten times a day.

There is the noise of the neighbors on either side with their dogs howling, barking and yapping because of all the goddamn police sirens that plague the airwaves in this city.

Speaking of cops....there are cops, troopers and soldiers EVERYWHERE. I live near the police station, two air force bases and the state trooper headquarters....not to mention that I have to look out my window at my next door neighbor cop with his car parked in the yard all day.


What I wouldn't give for some simple frogs, crickets, moo cows, crowing roosters,the occasional braying donkey,country dogs communicating on the barking chain around 6 pm and the only time you heard a police siren is when they were after you. That's often enough.

Why do people have to make so much goddamn racket?


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