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Monday, June 20, 2005

Alabama Man Convicted of Killing Three Officers

When this happened last year there were some questions about the house being a "drug house" as the warrant wasn't for drugs and no drugs were found in a search conducted after the officers were killed.
During the trial, Kerry Spencer , admitted that drugs were sold from the house.However, according to The Birmingham News
"Prior to trial, one of Spencer's defense attorneys said two of the officers had received past payments to protect the dope house. When the payments stopped, the police started harassing those at the apartment, lawyer Scott Boudreaux said."

The Kerry Spencer case is a really tragic example of the DAMAGE prohibition has done to our country.

Due to the drug war, thousands of police officers (both the honest ones and those corrupted by the lucritive opportunities the Drug War provides), drug users and dealers (both responsible and irresponsible), and innocent by-standers caught in the crossfire, have died needless deaths.

We have over two million U.S. citizens in prison...many of them on drug related charges, our children have alarmingly easy access to any drug they desire, our police have become soldiers engaged in an unwinnable war against the American people and our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been DESTROYED!!

Yet, drugs are still readily available to anyone who wants them, cheaper and of higher quality than ever before.

It seems to me that Americans have been fooled into paying for their worst nightmare and the bigger the failure of the Drug War the more money we are asked to pump into it.

I don't think citizens should support any government program that puts all of us at greater risk and fails us year after year.

When will the needless death and destruction end? When will the citizens of America accept that prohibition has never worked and will never work ,no matter how many lives it destroys or tax dollars it consumes, and do what is necessary to change the laws that cause so many to suffer needlessly?

Admitting that the drug war has failed and approaching it from a health and social standpoint is not the same as condoning or advocating drug use.

Tonight, my thoughts are with ALL of the families caught up in this tragedy, which could have been avoided if people would only wake up and realize that, in the case of prohibition, THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE!!!
Accused cop-killer Kerry Spencer took the stand in his own defense Saturday, claiming he feared for his life when he fatally shot three Birmingham police officers.

Composed and articulate, Spencer told jurors it was him or them.

"I didn't mean to kill nobody, man," Spencer said. "This was a decision I had to make to stay alive or be shot. I did what I had to do."

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It took a Jefferson County jury working through the weekend less than four hours to reach a unanimous verdict Sunday in the capital murder trial of Kerry Spencer, the man charged with gunning down three Birmingham Police officers last year.

Guilty on three counts of capital murder in the deaths of on-duty officers Carlos "Curly" Owen, 58; Harley "RoboCop" Chisholm III, 40, and Charles Robert Bennett, 33. Guilty on one count of attempted murder in the wounding of Officer Michael Collins, 37. Guilty of capital murder for killing two or more people in one fell swoop.

The five-day trial wrapped to a dramatic conclusion Sunday when a woman stood and screamed at prosecutors during closing arguments. She was arrested and hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs. The woman, like Spencer's lawyers throughout the trial, suggested the slain officers were tainted.


  • I think that because of the issues that are going on Mr. Spencer is not getting a fair trial because they were cops. These were not Normal Cops these were cops that are just like if not drug dealers they were taking money made from the profit of selling drugs. I am sorry that it ended up like it did but when you do wrong, wrong happens.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 PM  

  • Mr. Spencer nor his co-conspirator should be sitting on death row. Judge Tommy Nail should be removed from the bench, due to his decision to override the jury, which should be illegal. Scott B. is Birmingham's best, but either way you look at it JeffCo had it out for him.. Totally unfair..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 AM  

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