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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

DEA Raiding SF Dispensaries RIGHT NOW!!!

This just in from Tony Bowles President, California Marijuana Party

The DEA, possibly with the SFPD, has raided at least 3 dispensaries on
in San Francisco RIGHT NOW today.

The Sunset Medicinal Resource Center at 445 Judah Street has been raided, I believe it is connected to the Herbal Relief Center which was raided at 1545 Ocean, along with one other club on Ocean that is not connected to the other two, but was in dispute with the city over wether they were opened before the moritorium or not. The Alternative Relief Center which is at 1944 Ocean, which is across the street from dispensary in dispute with city, was Not raided.

The DEA along with SF Narcotics inspector Marty Halloran were spotted on the scene of the crime. ASA staff is headed to the scene now. Please join us at 445 Judah Street to protest
and show your support for safe access to medical marijuana! We will be planning for an emergency demonstration tomorrow at around noon, on City Hall, more info will be sent out on final location of Action, so stay updated because we are on High Alert for the time being.

Tony Bowles 415 368 7187


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