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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Energy firm sends pot farms up in smoke

By Andrew Ellson
Times Online UK

Utility company British Gas has been living up to its slogan of "doing the right thing" by helping the police uncover £8.5 million-worth of illegally-grown cannabis.

The energy firm stumbled upon nearly 50 secret cannabis farms while investigating electricity theft. It reported its findings to the authorities.

The illegal operations based in London, the South East, Merseyside, Nottingham and West Yorkshire, had all rigged their power supplies to by-pass the company’s electricity meters. The power was being used to run hi-tech hydroponic lamps needed to grow super skunk, a potent, hybrid version of the cannabis plant.

The company estimates that small-scale cannabis farms use around £3,000 of electricity each year - ten times the average domestic electricity bill.

Hydroponic lamps?


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