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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Home invasion call turns into pot bust

By Kim Lyons

A Mt. Washington man who called police to report his home was being burglarized was arrested this morning when police found marijuana plants growing in his backyard.

Officers arrived at 335 Kambach St. about 2:30 a.m. today, after tenant Joseph Wirth, 27, called from a neighbor's house to report a home invasion in progress at his house, police said.

Wirth told police two men burst through the front door, one brandishing a gun, and told him, "don't move or we'll shoot you," police said. Wirth said he ran out the front door to a neighbor's home.

Police arrested one of the burglars, but the other escaped. During a foot chase through the yard, officers discovered the marijuana plants, police said.

Police believe the burglars knew there was marijuana in the yard, but Wirth told them he did not recognize either of the men. The value of the marijuana is estimated at $2,000, police said.

Gary Mays, 23, of McKees Rocks, is charged with burglary, robbery, conspiracy and possession of marijuana, police said.

Wirth is charged with a list of drug violations, including possession, intent to deliver, manufacturing drugs, distribution and possession of paraphernalia, police said.


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