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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Let the SHAME GAME Begin!

The following is a letter that I wrote to Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama's third district on the day before the Hinchey/Rohrbacher vote.

Congressman Mike Rogers Posted by Hello

I intend to follow through on my promises of public shame and humiliation as well as finding a candidate who listens to the will of the people and acts acordingly.

Dear Congressman Rogers,

As you know H.R. 2862 - Science, the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006 comes to the House floor tomorrow for debate and a possible vote.

Included in this bill is the Hinchey/Rohrbacher amendment that would cut federal funding for raids on seriously ill medical marijuana patients in states where their activities have been approved by voters.

I have lobbied you numerous times on this issue and on our last meeting in Montgomery you stated to me that if the American Medical Association had indeed acknowledged that marijuana had medicinal value that you would have no reason to vote against it. I provided you on two occasions with literature and statements from the AMA with regard to this issue.
I have publicized this meeting extensively and there are many Alabama voters who are looking to you to keep your word.

Since the Supreme Court handed down the Raich decision Congress alone holds the power to change this law.
There are many sick people in Alabama who would benefit from a change in this law and, just so you know, our medical marijuana bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee on April 27, 2005 and we have organized a 501c3 educational organization that will be seriously targeting our federal and state elected officials who oppose medical marijuana law reform.

Someone in your DC office informed one of your constituents earlier today that you would be voting NO because this bill was "too liberal."
I sincerely hope that as a Republican you would not think states rights is a "liberal" issue. That could be very embarassing for you as an Alabama Republican.

You are a nice guy and I like you but if you vote no then I must advise you that I will not hesitate to organize huge demonstrations outside your offices both here in Alabama and in Washington D.C. as I travel there often.

76% of Alabamians support medical marijuana and if you truly represent the will of the people then you will vote YES on Hinchey Rohrbacher on June 14, 2005.
If you vote no then you are standing in direct opposition to the will of the people and a campaign will be launched to replace you in Congress with someone who listens to the will of the people and acts accordingly.

Loretta Nall


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