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Sunday, July 31, 2005

US Marijuana Party Statement on Marc Emery's Arrest

At a time when Osama bin Laden is still hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, when we have 2000 soldiers dead in Iraq and more dying everyday with no end in sight, when our country houses 2.5 million prisoners (more than any other country in the world), when the whole country and even Congress are slamming the ONDCP because they have used their $11 billion budget to target pot smokers while meth has run rampant we somehow find the resources to invade our sister country Canada and enforce our draconian drug laws on her citizens over some pot seeds.

This action would not be justifiable even if our drug policies were working but to force another country to abide by US laws that have failed miserably and have caused untold societal damage and erosion of our constitutional rights and civil liberties defies all logic.

Is it any wonder that people all around the world sit and plot our destruction? It is this very kind of "Imperialist Intervention" in the affairs of sovereign nations that causes Americans to be targets of "terrorists".

And until we as Americans take a strong stand against it we will never be safe in this country again...nor do we really deserve to be.

I call on all Americans, regardless of their position on marijuana, to join forces and let it be known that the citizens of our country do not support the actions of the D.E.A.
We never elected the D.E.A. and they DO NOT represent us or our interests.


Loretta Nall
US Marijuana Party

I can be reached at 404-806-5303


  • Just within the last year, British Columbia "passed" U.S. style asset forfeiture laws. In Canada, it is up to the provinces to "pass" such laws, but of course, the U.S. has been pressuring the Canadians on the issue for quite some time. With the new asset forfeiture laws in place, and on the authority of a "treaty" never directly approved by the people of either Canada or the U.S., the American authorities have Marc Emery jailed, stripped of his assets, held without bail and facing charges that carry 10 years to life in an American prison-all for openly selling-from Canada-harmless plant seeds that millions of people want to buy?

    Marijuana is not going to make the United States go down the drain, but the constant trampling on the rights of citizens and the rights of other countries will certainly send us down the drain. The drug war has already turned "the land of the free and the home of the brave" into a fascist police state. Our "treaties" have even given the United Nations the power to dictate to our government new policies and laws regulating our personal habits.

    I love the U.S.A., but when I hear the president talk about "freedom and democracy" his words just do not ring true.

    America is not a safer place because Marc Emery is jailed, silenced and off the streets. I am ashamed at my government's purely political action against this peaceful, sincere Canadian man.


    By Anonymous zen4usa, at 11:29 AM  

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