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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grab a Heine!

A New Orleans resident recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

In all seriousness....if I were stranded there then I would be looting to stay alive too. Sorry...but if you have no water and nothing to eat and you do not know how long you will have to wait until help comes then you would do it too. It is basic survival instinct.

Even the police agree apparently...but perhaps that is only if you are an employee of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

However, that will not stop the police from pressing charges, you can be sure. once the waters have receded.

And did you see the long lines of people who sought shelter at the Superdome. The line was long because the National Guard insisted on searching EVERYONE FOR ILLEGAL DRUGS IN THE MIDDLE OF A CATERGORY 4 HURRICANE!!!
That makes me so mad I could SPIT!!

Look at these pictures


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