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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pot law makes ballot

Denver initiative would legalize adult possession, use
By April M. Washington
Rocky Mountain News
August 25, 2005

Denver would become the second city in the nation to legalize the adult use of marijuana if voters approve a ballot measure in November.

The first city was Oakland, Calif. Voters there overwhelmingly approved an initiative last year that requires the city to regulate and tax marijuana, similarly to the way it administers laws on alcohol. It also directs Oakland officials to make pot the city's lowest law enforcement priority.

The new law has not been enacted because it conflicts with the state of California's laws.

Denver's initiative may face the same fate.

The ballot measure would make it legal for adults 21 years and older to possess less than 1 once of marijuana. But state law prohibits the possession of marijuana.

City Council members on Monday begrudgingly cleared the way to put the measure on the Nov. 1 ballot. They didn't have a choice.

The measure's backers, Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, collected more than the 12,000 signatures needed to force the matter onto the ballot.


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