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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Trooper gets 4-year prison sentence for sexual assault

Anchorage Daily News
August 16th, 2005

Former Alaska state trooper Daniel Scott was sentenced Monday to four years in prison for sexually assaulting three Aniak women, people he was sworn to protect as a law enforcement officer.

One woman said Scott forced her to perform oral sex in his patrol car in spring 2004, according to the original charging document. Another said he raped her outside her home in August 2004. The third one said he fondled her in June 2002.

Scott resigned from the troopers not long after his arrest.

He originally faced more serious charges: 11 felony counts, including kidnapping and first-degree sexual assault, and one misdemeanor charge of official misconduct.

More than a year before the 2004 assaults, troopers had warnings that Scott was making unwanted sexual comments and passes at women, said Russ Winner, an Anchorage attorney who, along with other lawyers, sued Scott and the Department of Public Safety last year.