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Monday, September 19, 2005

Alabama Says: Stop the War on Iraq!

Statewide Peace Rally and March

Saturday, Sept 24th
2:00 - 5:00 PM
(Please arrive by 1:30 to line up for the march!)
Kelly Ingram Park (1700 6th Ave. N.)
Birmingham, AL
Our message is:
Stop the killing!
Support the troops, bring them home now!
Spend money for human needs, not war!

Sculpture, Kelly Ingram Park


  • So... does the USMJ Party endorse this policy?If so, I don't support that ideal of the USMJP. I thought USMJP was all about Drug Policy Reform? It's funny, I figured a blog that was devoted to Marijuana Drug Policy reform would be more inclined to unify their audience instead of dividing them.

    Is it possible to keep this site focused on Marijuana Policy Reform instead of one person's opinion on complately unrelated foreign policy?

    Loretta, I love what you are doing otherwise, and I morally support your effort to bring reform to our misguided Federal laws. However, I don't see how protesting in order to remove troops from Iraq is either Libertarian in nature nor how this is in any way related to the intended subject matter of this blog.

    I do enjoy your blog and find many informative and interesting pieces, keep up the good work on that end and I'm sorry for any harsh sounding criticism.

    By Blogger MacGyver, at 1:31 AM  

  • MacGyver,

    Yes the USMJP endorses this policy as does the ALMJP and the Alabama Libertarian Party.

    The Libertarians favor a non-interventionist policy in foreign affairs and only going to war when America is attacked (preferably with the people who actually attacked us...which is not the case with Iraq)

    As a candidate for Governor of Alabama I have positions on many other issues that have nothing to do with drug policy reform. Being anti-war in this case is one of those positions.

    The Iraq War and the Drug War are very much related. Both are illegal for one thing. The majority of people who suffer under both are poor people.

    Another thing is we have soldiers who tested positive for marijuana before they were deployed to Iraq and after the served their tour of duty they returned home where they were prosecuted for dirty urine.

    In Israel they have allowed for the use of cannabis for Israeli soldiers because it is very helpful in dealing with PTSD....but here in the good ole US of A we are trying to send our soldiers to jail, take their benefits and disgrace their names for doing the same thiing.

    So to me these wars are very closely related and to not speak out against the Iraq War is just as good as endorsing it.

    By Blogger Loretta Nall, at 2:38 AM  

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