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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

DRCNet's Phil Smith in Afghanistan

My friend and colleague, Phil Smith, of DRCNet is reporting for the next two weeks from Afghanistan.

I think very highly of Phil. He is a superb wordsmith who can capture a personality with his pen like nobody's business.

Phil, do take care over there. Especially be on the lookout for those Black Water mercenaries.

Here is a bit from Tuesday's report.

Tuesday, September 27:

I am not well. Must have eaten bad kebab somewhere. Not well, but not bedridden. Sorry no pics, no time, off to conference soon; I'll send some tonight. For today:

The Senlis Council yesterday officially unveiled its report on the feasibility of licensing Afghan opium production for the legitimate medicinal market, but UN and Afghan anti-drug officials didn't wait to read the study before dismissing it. In yesterday morning's newspapers, Afghan Counter-Narcotics Minister Habibullah Qaderi was quoted as saying, "As far as the licensing at this moment is concerned, I am saying no. I'm not in favor because it jeopardizes the whole of our effort. There would be anarchy in the country now. It would create a lot of problems."

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