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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reality Check Awaits Condi Rice in Alabama

On Friday, September 2, 2005 Secretary State Condoleeza Rice made the following statement during a press conference about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina;

But noting her own roots in Alabama, and her father's in Louisiana, Dr. Rice announced plans to visit the region this weekend and said, "That Americans would somehow in a color-affected way decide who to help and who not to help - I just don't believe it."

Apparently the good Dr. Rice has not made it around to the Mobile Alabama Forums to see how people are reacting.

Pay special attention to what the user FoxFire13 has to say on all of this. In one post she reveals that she is the daughter of a Mobile County Sheriffs Deputy. I can only guess that is how her daddy taught her to act in public.

In one post she states;

"Give me a .50 cal...It's time to take a road trip to New Orleans..I'm Pissed"

It sickens me to know that one American can look upon another American and say they deserve to suffer and die because they have the misfortune of being poor and black.

Among the many things that Hurricane Katrina laid bare in her wake was any notion that racial equality exists in America or that much of anything has changed for t he better here in the South since the civil rights movement.

So, yeah, come on down Condi. But be forewarned that a serious reality check awaits you when you get here.


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