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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Santa Cruz Considers Official Pot Office


SANTA CRUZ (KRON) -- The City of Santa Cruz is considering setting up an official office to distribute medical marijuana to patients who need it.

If the council approves the plan, Santa Cruz will be the first city in the nation with an official office that provides the medication to people with a doctor's recommendation.

Officials are naming the city office the "Office of Compassionate Use." User fees would cover the costs of running the office. The city says it may sue the Federal Government to allow the office to open.

"Right now there is a contest going on and a contradiction between the state which says it's legal to distribute this, our Attorney General says it's legal to distribute this," Santa Cruz Mayor Michael Rotkin told KRON 4's Rob Fladeboe. "Meanwhile the Federal Government says they will arrest anyone who distributes medical marijuana. We would like to clarify this before we set up a city office."

No office would be set up until the courts rule in the case. City officials are also looking into allowing commercial drugstores to distribute pot to people with doctor's recommendations.


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