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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Too much pot? Call the cops

The Union of Grass Valley, California
Trina Kleist,
October 1, 2005

Confused about whether your medical marijuana garden is legal? Just call the authorities.

Those who grow marijuana in Nevada County - with a doctor's recommendation - can contact the Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force to make sure their gardens aren't producing more than the county allows, Lt. Ron Smith said Friday.

"They can call us and we can let them know if they're within guidelines and get it straightened out," Smith said.

Growers can call the Narcotics Task Force at 478-7987.

Growers can cultivate up to 10 plants to meet those two pounds, but a single vigorous bush can produce more than four pounds of processed buds. Growers should destroy excess marijuana, authorities say.

Early contact with the Narcotics Task Force could help legitimate growers avoid confusion that could lead to a raid, Smith said.


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