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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Authorities sort out 110 drug arrests after sweep


Morris County law enforcement officials spent Sunday turning the raw material of the weekend arrests of about 110 people and seizure of 80 vehicles into documentation that could support court cases.

"This is the legal paperwork that resulted from the enforcement activity," said Joseph Devine, chief of investigations for the Morris County Prosecutor's office. "We're trying to connect locations with defendants." He said the vehicles were being processed for possible forfeiture.

Devine said each suspect will have their identification, criminal record and residency checked as part of the processing.

"This was a free-flowing set of distributors and customers," he said. Police used information gathered in previous drug arrests to set up this one, Devine said, and they expect to gather information from this one to make future arrests.

Sunday's activity followed a pre-dawn sweep Saturday in four counties by about 400 police officers that netted several alleged high-level drug distributors and a suspected leader of a drug trafficking network. The sweep, called "Operation Bulldog," continued throughout the weekend, authorities said.


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