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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Feds raid for drugs in a student’s room

Oberlin Review, OH
By Jonah Kaplan-Woolner

In an unprecedented show of force by law enforcement of Oberlin’s campus, at 5 p.m. on Oct. 19, approximately 30 members of the Lorain County Drug Task Force, assisted by DEA agents and Safety and Security officers, entered North and searched two rooms in response to a tip that two students were operating a methamphetamine lab.

One of the students involved described what the agents were wearing as “full body armor.”

“It was basically a military raid,” the student said. He emphasized the frightening nature of the raid, calling it “terrifying” and “disconcerting.”

“It violated privacy and made kids feel unsafe and confused during exam week,” he said. The student was returning from a chemistry lab when federal agents accosted him.

The other student involved was leaving his room to take a break from writing a paper and stepped into what he described as “a hall full of a combination of police, safety and security officers and some sort of DEA squad.” Agents detained both students separately in the hallway while they ransacked their rooms, leaving a mess that took “days” to clean up. They also allegedly tossed out threats of federal prison and told both students that the other had already disclosed information in an attempt to get them to incriminate each other.

Despite all these accusations, one student involved said, “There was no meth lab. We had no methamphetamine.”


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