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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Letters to the Press

Asbury Park Press, NJ

Keep profanity off mailings

Before voting this year, I was a bit undecided on my choice for governor and opted to read the 10 candidates' statements on the back of my sample ballot. After perusing seven of the statements, I came across Edward Forchion's, under the Legalize Marijuana Party.

Being a firm believer in freedom of speech no matter what the opinion, I decided to read his statement. The first sentence reads, "The reason I'm running for governor isn't because I think I will win, but for the opportunity running gives me (and anyone who votes for me) to give the "finger' statewide to our Demo-publican Party politicians who wage their lie-based "War on us.' "

Not only was I shocked by Forchion's use of profanity, but more importantly I was appalled that state election officials allowed it to be written on a sample ballot. It's a shame Forchion didn't use more appropriate, thought-provoking expressions, which may have had a greater impact. There was no need to invoke profanity.

I have been told by several people that this filth falls under freedom of speech. Freedom of speech, absolutely. Profanity, no.

Our legislators need to develop some guidelines for election officials that prohibit the use of profanity on a sample ballot or anything else that comes from our state government.

I have written my state senator. Let's be the example for other states to follow and put an end to such a public use of profanity.

Dolores Geiger


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