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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Russian Supreme Court Cancels Fine for Man Selling Clothes Promoting Marijuana


The Supreme Court of Russia has reversed a verdict on a businessman who sold T-shirts and other items with a marijuana emblem in his clothes shop. In July the man was found guilty of propagating drugs and fined 4,000 rubles ($130).

This spring the Drugs Control Service confiscated T-shirts with marijuana emblems and slogans saying ’You smoke what you sow’ from a clothes shop in the Vologda region of Russia. The confiscated goods included bags with Adidas-stylized cannabis leaves and other items with marijuana-related symbols, Interfax reported.

The businessman who owns the shop said he bought the disputed items at a clothes market in Moscow after his customers repeatedly asked him to do so, and did not know this made him subject to the law on propagating narcotic substances.

A local court found the businessman guilty and as well as confiscating the T-shirts imposed a fine of 4,000 rubles. But the Supreme Court that oversaw the case ruled that the shop owner’s actions lacked criminal intent.


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