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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Seized From Some, Given To Others

WTVF, Nashville, TN

Just in time for the holidays, the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force in Williamson County has plenty of seized property. Hundreds of items will make their debut on the task force's new on-line auction site on Friday.

The items came from two homes the task force raided last year. Agents hauled away everything from DVD's to motorcycles, and it'll all go to the highest bidder.

The 21st Judicial Drug Task Force seized everything.

“It was awarded to us cuz we proved it was drug proceeds,” said Task Force Director Joey Kimble.

Kimble’s job these days is to take digital pictures and post hundreds of items on the task force's new auction website.

Kimble used to do all this and then pay someone else to run the on-line auction, but not anymore.

“We decided what we paid for our last auction, we could run a website, an auction site of our own for three years,” said Kimble.

The task force has plenty to post its first time online. Agents seized hundreds of collectibles from one home, and down the street bigger items, like big screen televisions, fill two storage units.

“A lot of this would make good Christmas presents if we can get it out there in time,” said Kimble.

Some budding musicians got caught selling marijuana, and the task force took their in-home studio. Items like this Yamaha keyboard should bring in a pretty penny.

“It goes right back into the drug task force drug fund, which is used for drug enforcement,” said Kimble.

“I wonder if this is what Santa's workshop looks like. I feel like one of his elves this week,” Kimble added.

The on-line auction starts Friday morning at nine. Before you log on, you need to know a few things. Everything is sold as is, and the task force will not ship the items.

So, you'll have to pick them up or make arrangements to ship them.


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