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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sheriff sends coffee to protesting couple

The Montgomery Advertiser

Protesters walking in front of the Autauga County Courthouse got a coffee break Thursday from the man they have a beef with.

Sheriff Herbie Johnson sent coffee and cookies to Greg and Brenda Davis, who have been picketing since Monday afternoon.

"They have a right to protest. I don't agree with them but they have that right," Johnson said. "It's cold out there and I got worried about them. Christmas is coming up and I just thought I should send them something to eat and drink."

Two deputies delivered the goodies.

Greg Davis, 39, and Brenda Tucker Davis, 43, both of 1713 County Road 40, each face a marijuana possession charge, courthouse records show. They stood at the corner of Court and Fourth streets displaying three signs. Deputies arrested them Dec. 9 after finding marijuana and guns in their home.

They admit to pot being in the home, and they admit to being convicted felons. Felons can't possess firearms.

Whether this is a PR stunt for the Autagua County Sheriff's Department or not I must say hat's off to Sheriff Herbie Johnson for his actions. It was a hella'va nice thing to do and that isn't the treatment we normally receive atthe hands of those paid to serve and protect us.


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