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Friday, January 20, 2006

Steve Kubby & Family to be Deported

Judge Says Cancer Victim, Steve Kubby, Must Be Sent to US.

Denies Appeal to Stop Removal Order. Claims Kubby Will Not Be
Arrested Despite Statement by California Prosecutor. Claims Prop 215
Protects Patients, Despite Fact No US Jails Allow Medical Cannabis
Use. Family Fears He Will Die in US.

For Immediate release January 20, 2006
For more info call:
Michele Kubby (250)578-8422

VANCOUVER -- Canadian Federal Justice, Yvon Pinard, ruled today that
Immigration Canada may now proceed with its attempt to send Steve
Kubby, cancer patient and medical marijuana refugee, to die in an
American jail. Immigration Canada is expected to issue a new removal
date, presumably sometime next week.

Angry and distraught, Michelle Kubby said, “Justice Pinard simply
ignored the statements by the Placer County Prosecutor that Steve
would be jailed, if he is forced to return to the US. (Kubby was
prosecuted by Placer County in 1999 after a six month surveillance of
the Kubbys’ home based solely on an anonymous letter.)

“He also completely misrepresented California laws regarding medical
marijuana. No jail in the US allows the use of medical marijuana. My
husband’s life hangs in the balance, but Justice Pinard ignored
blatant lying by Immigration officials.

“We attempted to file an appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals, but
were denied. If Canadian judges ignore both the facts and the law,
we can only count on the Canadian people to contact their
politicians. Unfortunately, Canada is in the middle of an election
campaign in which even the plight of Canadians who need medical
cannabis does not seem to be an issue.

“Still, we can only plead with the people who hear about our
situation to call those Ministers who can stop Immigration Canada
from killing my husband. All we need is time in Canada to clear
Steve's name in the US. Please phone or fax the Ministers of
Immigration, Health, Justice and Public Safety,” said Mrs. Kubby.

Joe Volpe, Minister of Immigration, Voice: (613) 954-1064, Fax: (613)

Ujjal Dosanjh, Minister of Health, Voice: (613) 995-7052, Fax: (613)

Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice, (613) 992-4621, Fax: (613) 990-7522

Anne McLellan, Minister of Public Safety, (613) 991-2924, Fax: (613)

This is very sad commentary coming from Canada. It was a place that once held the bright hope of implementing sane drug laws and possibly pushing the US towards that goal a tad faster than the slow-molasses, uphill pace we are currently experiencing.

I feel incredibly sad and downright horrified for Steve, Michelle and their two young daughters. I have known them since shortly after my employment with Pot TV began back in 2003. I have spent the night in their home and I consider them my friends and fellow compatriots in the fight for liberty.

Please call the numbers listed on behalf of the Kubby family.


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