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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DEA makes mistaken visit to Riverside home

Riverside Brookfield Landmark, IL

Just another quiet, ordinary Sunday morning took a detour into the Twilight Zone on April 9 for Riverside resident Krista Varady. That’s because at just about 9 a.m., police and agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, replete with Kevlar vests and aviator sunglasses, descended on her home in the 100 block of Nuttall Road and announced they were serving a narcotics warrant.

Turns out the warrant was many years old and that the man DEA agents were seeking—as well as the house he used to live in—can no longer be found at that address. And while police soon departed, leaving Nuttall Road residents to wonder what all the hubbub was about, Varady hinted last Friday that she and her husband might be filing a lawsuit as a response.

"I wish I could comment, but I can’t," said Varady, who is the daughter of Riverside Fire Chief Anthony Bednarz.

Varady said she was acting under counsel of her attorney, and refused to comment on whether a lawsuit was imminent.

Bednarz, who was in Michigan at the time of incident, said his daughter called him right after officers left.

"She said she saw seven cars stop in front of the house, and sees guys get out of the cars in their ninja suits, with body armor on and weapons drawn," Bednarz said.


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