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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mahopac High students distressed by drug raid

The Journal, NY

MAHOPAC — Fifteen-year-old Jaclyn Fitzpatrick said she won't soon forget how her body shook with panic when Mahopac High School went into a sudden lockdown.

Wednesday was a typical morning. She was sitting in her third-period math class when a loudspeaker announcement suddenly interrupted the lesson. It was Principal Aaron Trummer ordering students and staff to lock down the building — and it was not just a drill.

Students and teachers scrambled to bolt doors, push bookshelves against them, pull down window shades and flip off classroom lights throughout the building.

Fitzpatrick sat against a wall with her knees in her chest, expecting to hear gunshots blast down the hallway.

"I was getting really scared," said Fitzpatrick, a sophomore. "I thought it was a psycho that came into the school and was looking for someone to hurt."

About 30 minutes later, students and staff learned that drug-sniffing police dogs from the Westchester County Narcotics Unit had swept through the three-story building, checking the air outside every locker for illegal substances. They found nothing.


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