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Friday, May 19, 2006

Sheriff's Daughter, Grandson Arrested In Drug Raid

Sheriff Says Daughter's Choices Unfortunate, IA

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A drug investigation leads to several arrests, including the daughter and grandson of a southwest Iowa county sheriff.

The bust happened in Sidney, Iowa, in Freemont County.

Lisa Ann Countryman, 41, is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and sponsoring a drug gathering. Her son, Kevin Daniel Countryman, 19, was also arrested.

He faces several drug charges, including possession of marijuana. Nine other arrests were made.

The Freemont County sheriff said that his daughter's choices are unfortunate.

When the Communists took power in Russia and formed the Soviet Union they based their new government on a U.S. style constitution. The central planners in Moscow liked the U.S. constitution but realized that there were a couple of important changes they needed to make right off the bat.

Their first change was to institute policies designed to make the citizens more loyal to the government than they were to their own families. The government is jealous of the citizens' primary loyalties and is therefore inherently anti-family.

The second major change the Communists made was to alter the role of the State Senators so that they no longer represented the States but were subject to popular election.

Our central planners in Washington must admire the communists because they have brought about the same changes here.


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