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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gun, pot, duct tape round out strange crime scene, OR

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore - The series of events that landed three men in police custody Wednesday even had officers scratching their heads.

According to police, three men apparently burglarized the Clackamas County home of Brad Poppino, taking a large quantity of marijuana, which Poppino, 43, has a medical exemption to legally grow.

But they didn't take all of it, and Poppino, along with neighbor Drew Kester, 27, reportedly decided to lay in wait for the burglary suspects to return to complete the pot heist.

Which they did.

Poppino and Kester confronted the three men, and two of them fled.

But Paul Canul, 18, reportedly pulled out a gun. Somehow, he was subdued, bound with duct tape and beaten by Poppino and Kester.

According to Detective Jim Strovink of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Poppino and Kester then threatened to cut off one of Canul's toes for every hour the two other men did not return with the stolen marijuana.

The two alleged burglars then called police, informing them of the situation at Poppino's home.

Police arrived at the home and took Poppino, Kester and Canul into custody.

Police say Poppino does have a license to grow six marijuana plants, but officers discovered about 50 in his residence.

The investigation is continuing.


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