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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mob Figures Are Charged With Controlling Trash Hauling in Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, June 9 (AP) — A reputed mob boss, a former Waterbury mayor and the owner of a Danbury trash hauling business were among 29 people charged on Friday in a federal investigation of the mob's influence over the trash industry in Connecticut.

Companies owned by James Galante paid a "mob tax" to a reputed Genovese crime family boss, Matthew Ianniello, as part of a scheme in which trash haulers carved out routes for one another, according to a 117-page indictment.

Others named in the indictment include a state trooper, Paul Galietti, who is charged with two counts of misusing state computer systems to run criminal background checks, and Louis Angioletti, a federal drug agent from New Jersey, charged with unlawfully accessing a law enforcement computer system.

Does this mean trash causes crime?


  • The DEA and the government are truly pathetic. You cant get anythihngt right, the people see you as the frrauds that you are. Drug Czar John WALTERS has a history of destroying lives over nothing, like great honest guys like officer Lou Angioletti. he is a boy Scout who is as honest as they come. Walters, meanwhile, lets Afghanastan rebuild their poppy fields deliberatly and they suppply 90% of our country's heroin. bush's daddy let the crack epidemic in the country and you pick on DEA agent lou angioletti. I know for a fact he did nothing wrong. I'll tell you what, you fucking chicken shit pussy lying mother fuckers come after me, you got my email. I'll trade you me for Lou. YOu fucking cowards. Ill drag your asses into court and embarress you and expose you for the fraud that you are. Walters has proven statistically that he causes death through his policies and does nothing on prevention. He was appointed by Bush, what else to you need to know. I have stats to prove it and Im gonna expose you in my book. I know the TRUTH.
    Its gonna come out and its gonna be another nail in all your coffins. to the DEA, Bush, Walters and who ever else is involved on picking on the innocent, Officer Angioletti was an honest man. So, fuck you and come and get me instead cause I'll drag you reputations into the dirt where it belongs. Your crooks, frauds and your time is over. Bring it to me, cause Im gonna expose you.
    You are all finished with your lies , your inadaquate practices and you've crossed the line when you pick on an innocent kid.
    good triumphs over evil. Your history

    By Anonymous glenn kulik, at 1:56 PM  

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