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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hillsdale police officer arrested for delivering pot to undercover informant

By Valerie Schremp Hahn

Police have arrested a Hillsdale police officer who showed up in uniform to deliver marijuana to a female undercover drug informant in exchange for sex, officials said.

William Carl Toy, 46, of the 10100 block of Clairmont in unincorporated St. Louis County near Dellwood, was charged today with distributing not more than 5 grams of marijuana, a class C felony. The incident happened early this morning at a hotel in St. Charles.

"This is terribly unfortunate," St. Charles Police Chief Tim Swope said. "We are expected as police officers to hold the line, more so than even the normal, everyday person. This is ridiculous judgment on this guy’s part."

Swope said the incident happened after the officer finished a shift as a security officer at a local convenience store. Prosecuting Attorney Jack Banas said that officers with the St. Charles County Regional Drug Task force stood by as the officer delivered the marijuana, which was under 5 grams.


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