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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Potent Form Of Marijuana Shows Up In Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

MILWAUKEE -- An extremely potent form of marijuana is showing up around Milwaukee County.

Sheriff David Clarke Tuesday announced the department confiscated more than 25 pounds of hydroponic marijuana.

A tip led deputies to a residential area on Milwaukee's northwest side on Sunday.

The sheriff said they found an even larger supply earlier this year on the city's south side.

The Drug Enforcement Agency said that users who can afford it prefer this type of marijuana.

The potency level can reach up to 40 percent. That is compared to 8 percent for common types of the drug.

"The thing that's a big concern for us is the potency of it. When kids experiment with marijuana, it's not the stuff we want them to be experimenting with," Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said.

The sheriff's Department said hydroponic marijuana can cost up to $6,000 a pound.

No one is in custody at this time, but the sheriff said they know who they are looking for.

Look at these clowns claiming that hydroponics increases potency. They know that potency is determined by genetics and correct harvest times but they promote the myth of increased potency through hydroponics in order to support their campaign of home invasions.


  • Very true. While the technique can produce different results even with the same clone stock (genertics) the actual variance of THC levels does not drastically differenciate.

    They also said the pot that was smoked in the 60s cannot compare to todays cannabis. If you compared dutch cannabis of the 60s to todays home grown american variety you would not find much difference.

    By Blogger Son of Liberty, at 2:50 PM  

  • Haha, yeah right. I smoke pot every day, and while I would say that proper genetics, and lack of seeds (simply removing the males) makes marijuana have the most marked increases in thc potency. However, growing marijuana hydroponicaly according to the hydroponics issue of high times magazine 2007, says that "hydroponic growing not only increases growth rate and yield of the cannabis plant, but also causes a marked increase in the thc content."

    How marked I don't know but I've smoked hydro and it is definitely stronger than ground herbs.

    I do think that the government is kind of blowing things out of proportion here however, and yes I agree in a way to support their bullshit campaign against poor drug users who hurt no one other than themselves (all people must admit that all drugs come with health dangers, but so do spaghetti and ham sandwhiches too).

    By Anonymous Akempis, at 10:51 AM  

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