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Monday, April 16, 2007

The time has come to legalize marijuana use

Penn State Digital Collegian, PA

...[If marijuana can serve legitimate medical purposes and bring happiness and relaxation to a great many people, in spite of its illegality, I'd say it's high time we legalize.]...


  • You are very correct. im a massage therapist and people pay me 65 an hour just to relax. also it is a proven fact that 90% of "all" diseases are caused by stress. people spend billions a year to relax. it would be worth it just for the extra money in our country. the president has been looking for something to boom the economy. well there ya go.
    i have suffered from manic depression since i was young . i had add and now have been diagnosed with adhd. i have been on all types of meds. which most of them make me sweat, make it so i cant eat, give me anxiety and make me feel like im a dream land all the time. so i cant take them all the time like i am supossed to. i have a life to live and i cant be all druged up. so i roll a blunt up in the morning when i get up i smoke some of it and them drink my coffee. i take a shower and eat breakfast. put in some eye drops and im ready to start my day. i might hit it a little in the afternoon if im stressed and then im fine again. with the meds i cant sleep right. so i smoke the rest of the blunt and go to bed. with out marijuana i would be a basket case who is too paranoid for any type of interaction. in my job it is nesseccary to be as calm and colective as possible. we all need to do our part to legalize marijuana. its not a drug at least not nothing compaired to the harmful affects of the meds our doctors prescribe us.
    i mean look at heath leger. if he would have had medical marijuana he would still be here.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 PM  

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