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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Circle the Wagons....the Christians are Coming

Albertville High School's Aggie Stadium hosted "Operation Combat Meth" Wednesday night. Approximately 200 chilled, but concerned members of the community heard serious, but encouraging messages by word and song dealing with the war on drugs.

The attentive audience heard from Albertville Police Chief Benny Womack

Benny Womack
Womack spoke of the frontline efforts of his department in combating the problem he said constitutes a full 80 percent of all calls his officers respond to and sought the audience' assistance and prayers in the battle."

80% and they still focus a large portion of their resources on arresting people for smoking pot. I contend that the war on pot is the underlying reason for the rise in drugs like meth. It is out of your system in 72 hours and you can pass a drug test on Monday if need be.
As Sam Kinison once said;
"Give us back our pot and we'll forget about the crack"...(meth in this case).

Juvenile Judge Tim Riley
Judge Riley described his experiences in the courtroom as he deals with the effects of meth on the youth before him. Riley said those who have successfully dealt with a drug problem have done so through a spiritually based effort.

The spiritual base, he added, was not limited to Christianity, but appeared to be true for anyone holding a strong spiritual belief system of strength outside themselves.

I am not a religious person in any conventional form so when they start to tinker with addicition by applying their delusional religious ideas as a form of "treatment" I get a little un-nerved.

When I was about 15 I attended the Calvary Pentecostal Church in Ashland, Alabama with my best friend. If you are unfamiliar with the goings on in a Pentecostal Church then you might have trouble understanding and believing the story I am about to tell you. But, I swear it's true.

One Sunday morning a gentleman in the pews was suddenly filled with the "Holy Ghost" and so he began running over the narrow backs of the benches (yes he was an adult). From the front of the church to the back he ran narrowly missing the heads and shoulders of others. Then all of a sudden he missed his step...Now I don't know if the "holy ghost" left him suddenly or what exactly happened to cause it....but he fell and he fell HARD. Hard enough to cause him to break his femur. All of the other church members gathered around him and began to try to "lay hands on" to heal his broken leg and he shouted "GET YOUR GODDAMN HANDS OFF ME AND CALL AN AMBULANCE"!!! Right there in the middle of church. And that was the end of that.

I'm not saying that spirituality is a bad thing and has no place in recovery from addiction. It is likely a very important thing to many. I do think however that addiction, for all practical purposes should be approaced from a medical point of view and anything "spiritual based" should only be given to those who seek it and the taxpayer at large should not have to pay for this.

Doctor Mary Holley
Dr. Holley gave a "no holds barred" presentation of the disastrous physical and emotional effects of meth on the individual. Holley also emphasized the spiritual aspect of the problem, in part, as being the cultures veering away from its spiritual roots.

She scares me. She is a medical doctor and she is saying lack of theological belief is the cause for meth addiction and the solution to addiction is religion. She knows better or should. Veering away from spiritual roots has nothing to do with why people smoke meth.

Christian speaker David Rhodes
Rhodes referring to the Book of Job in the Old Testament said many in our society were in a state of brokenness and looking for something to replace it. Unfortunately many were filling it with meth.

The answer Rhodes said was for "the community to come together-find the brokenness and create beauty from it."

Well at least someone has their head on straight. At least he is getting at the root cause of most drug addiction....the personal lives and experiences of the addict.

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