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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jesse Jackson Jumps In

Jesse Jackson Posted by Hello

I have been following this story since it happened over a year ago. I hope that a boycott does happen, but it looks like Jesse needs to get his game together and alert the other folks he would like to see involved in the march and boycott....perhaps before they happen

ATLANTA - On Monday morning, the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked people across the country to pull their money out of financial institutions in Columbus until the man who shot Kenneth Walker is federally prosecuted and Georgia adopts anti-racial profiling legislation.

"We call for economic disinvestment from Columbus, Ga., until such time as that community is ready to stand for the end to racial violence and assure all citizens equal protection under the law," Jackson told about 50 people after the monthly breakfast meeting of the Concerned Black Clergy of Metro Atlanta. He also announced a march in Columbus on Jan. 15 to protest "the killing of Kenneth Walker without consequences."
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