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Monday, December 20, 2004

Scholastic Snitches

In Alabama we are paying our kids to rat each other out. I shudder to think at the number of highschool students destined for a jail cell like this one.

Birmingham Alabama - Kids talk in school. The problem in the past, though, was that they didn't do much talking to police.

Authorities hope a little cash, mixed with the success of the proven Crimestoppers program, will change that.

They call it Scholastic Crimestoppers, and they hope it will take a bite out of school crime.

"The children need a way, without fear of retaliation, to be able to turn a drug pusher in."

Nice how they come right out with the real purpose for this program.

Times Record News has a opinion on Alabama's Scholastic Snitching Program and they make some excellent points. I predict they will spend more time chasing teenage girls turned in by other teenage girls over a boy.
Don't we have better things to do y'all?

Special thanks to Grits for Breakfast for the heads-up on this story.


  • So, the State wants the little tykes to be snitches? Maybe they should look at the case where another such little tyke did the same thing - in Soviet Russia:

    Google search string on "Pavlik" Morozov:

    and: we want our kids to grow up - and end up - like Pavel Morozov evidently did?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 PM  

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