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Thursday, December 16, 2004

On the Radio

Roberta Franklin Posted by Hello

I'll be guest co-host on the Roberta Franklin Show today in Montgomery. Roberta is one of my all time favorite HEROINES. She is absolute DYNAMITE!! For the last three years she has fought the state of Alabama over the prison crisis. She is the voice of the 29,000 or so inmates in this state and she will be the one who brings this backwater to it's knees on this issue.
When Roberta first got started fighting for this cause she was arrested, charged with buying 90 Loratab's a day for 30 days from the same pharmacy.
The entire case was a farce and she won because a witness testified that Ms. Franklin drove a blue Cordova to the drug store every day to pick up her pills.

However...Roberta has never driven a day in her life.
It will be a good show today as it always is. The two of us together in the Capitol City usually make the ground quake!

Check out Roberta's site and check out the Radio Station
The link to listen over the internet usually doesn't work....but if you call the station manager and complain maybe he will fix it.


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