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Friday, January 21, 2005

Blogging from DC

I arrived in Washington D.C. yesterday Jan. 20 fresh from 6 days of hard earned and much deserved R&R in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, courtesy of my friend Marc Emery.
Thanks Marc, I had a lovely time.

I am here in DC for the Progressive Democrats of America Conference. This conference is geared toward pushing a more progressive and liberal agenda under the next four years of the "Bush Regime". We may not gain any ground but we want to make damn certain that we do not lose any.

Opening ceremonies were exciting. The atmosphere is electrifying. Everyone seems so dedicated.

What surprised me most was the number of people who knew me on sight. I had no idea that the Democrats were paying such close attention to the US Marijuana Party. I am glad that they are. The Democratic Party in the US needs my fire and they need to become exceedingly more vocal about the horrors of current US drug policy. That issue alone could clench them victories at every level nationwide.

I was honored to be added to the list of speakers for future PDA events and I am very much looking forward to any future addresses I might give to this group.

Something happened today that really surprised me. I was on my way over to the Drug Policy Alliance office for lunch with Naomi and Caren. While chatting with the cabbie, a gentleman from Pakistan, he revealed to me that he is a strong Bush supporter.
I was shocked!

It is hard for me to imagine anyone supporting Bush, although apparently some people do or he wouldn't be where he is, but to see a brown skinned person of middle eastern/asian origin supporting Bush made me so curious I had to ask him why.

Apparently this gentleman is a christian convert and he said he supported Bush based solely on his religious views.
Nothing else mattered.
Just religion.

Later on when I was headed to the PDA opening ceremonies I was again chatting with the cabbie, a gentleman from Ethiopia, and in the course of our conversation he revealed that he too is a Bush supporter. His justification for support was the fact that Bush is anti-abortion.
No other reason.

I'm sorry....but that shit is just too wierd!!

You'd think that people would vote for the leader of their country based on more than one qualification.

You'd also think that two men, minorities, immigrants from countries that have suffered the negative impact of US foreign policy,and they themselves are likely snatched out of every airport line and searched (wait, I take that back....the TSA screeners are always too busy threatening to stick their hands up my ass because they fear the almighty joint to be worried about the Middle Eastern men boarding the flight to DC)to be supporters of George W. Bush.

Hell, go figure.

Luckily on the way back across town I got a cabbie from India who was not from the "Twilight Zone" and understood that a DRAMATIC CHANGE in US foreign policy is the only way to "fight terrorism".
I am glad to have found a sane middle eastern/asian person who understood as well as I do what the real problems are.
Those other two had me completely wierded out and about ready to pack my bags and flee this place.

Anyway, I may go out with my friend Caren tonight to a DJ Party. That should be fun.
Tomorrow I will be at the conference again and tomorrow evening I will be hanging out with Poker Face.
We have been trying to get together since the Libertarian convention in Atlanta last year....which I missed.
I have been invited to hang out during set up. And hey....Paul wants to start a Ganja and Guns Party.

Sounds like fun to me!!!

Signing off for tonight.....Loretta in D.C.


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