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Monday, January 10, 2005

Last Nights Debate

Last nights debate (which really wasn't much of a debate as it is difficult to have a debate when the opposition isn't really opposed) is now AVAILABLE

Despite the fact that the chief was mostly on our side I think it was a great show. It is especially good if other police officers and prohibitionist people were listening to the things the chief had to say.
He would make a great addition to LEAP

It was suppossed to be two hours....but we wandered off topic and I think the kids doing the show were afraid they were going to get into trouble with the University for discussing the legalization of all drugs so we stopped after about 1:20

Anyhoo, hope y'all enjoy the show.


UPDATE I just spoke with the hosts of the show and I was mistaken about why it was a shorter time than I had thought it would be.

They only had one phone line and they wanted the chief to be able to answer questions from local people. I think that is a great idea.

They also didn't want to change up their format too much and since everyone was pretty much in agreement on the issues they decided to continue on with other news.

I think the show was incredible in retrospect.

The chief was very honest about what the problems are at least from his view. It took courage for him to come on and talk to me. Someone commented in an email to me earlier that it is rare to get a true rabid, foaming at the mouth prohibitionist to debate because they cannot defend their positions.

And that is true.

I sent the chief an email thanking him for his time and his honesty. I also encouraged him to explore LEAP as he is retiring soon and something in the way he came across suggests he might make a good addition to that group.


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