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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tulia, Texas: Tom Coleman Goes To Trial

Tom Coleman Posted by Hello

High Profile Trial To Begin In Lubbock Next Week

National media attention will be focused on a Lubbock courtroom next week for the beginning of an anticipated perjury trial.

Former Tulia narcotics officer Thomas Coleman made headlines with his 1999 drug bust in Swisher County. Coleman put 40 drug defendants behind bars. But years later, Governor Rick Perry pardoned the defendants, citing lack of evidence and shoddy record-keeping on Coleman`s part.

Coleman was later charged with perjury. The case was moved to Lubbock so attorneys could pull from a larger jury pool.

Court administrators expect a large turnout to watch the proceeding.

"I`m planning for it to be a full courtroom," says David Slayton, Director of Court Administration for Lubbock County. "We have quite a few general seats. It depends on how many members of the public show up."

Seventeen different local and national media outlets have signed up to cover Coleman`s trial. Seating for the general public will depend on the amount of spaces available.

I hope the jury gives Tom Coleman the MAXIMUM EVERYTHING that his crimes make him eligible for. He deserves it all...and then some.


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