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Monday, January 31, 2005

Youthful indiscretion OUTLAWED!!

You know, I've been thinking about the 13 kids in Palm Beach County, Florida who were entrapped by undercover officers posing as their friends.

Here is a perfect example of the grand hypocrisy and incredible unfairness in the way drug laws are applied.

Rush Limbaugh is practically across the street from where this happened. That obnoxious, nazi f**k was caught with some 320,000 Oxycontin pills, received treatment at a posh facility, kept his home, job and has the ACLU fighting to keep his medical records sealed.
He will never see the inside of a jail cell. (not that I think he should...but you get the point)

Yet, 13 kids from Palm Beach high schools are facing being tried as adults and 15 years in prison for selling dime bags to each other at school.

These kids were nothing short of entrapped by police officers posing as their friends. How hard is it really for officers who have been trained in PsyOps to trick kids into breaking the law?
I mean even the sharpest of us adults can be tricked by a police officer.
To do that to teenagers is just PLAIN EVIL!

Think for a moment about what kinds of kids are more likely to do drugs in high school and also about which ones are most easily tricked into doing things even if they don't use drugs.

The poor ones, the rebellious ones, the somewhat dysfunctional and outcast ones.
Lonely kids who are desperate to be accepted into a group of their peers.

And when you look at the drug war overall you see that those are the same kinds of people in jail and prison for drugs. The poor, the outcast, the rebellious, the mentally ill.

The drug war has escalated to the point where youthful indiscretion has in essence been outlawed. Law enforcement is not even content to wait until our kids are out of school and of adult age and capable of making adult decisions before snatching their lives away from the world and tossing them into the black, gaping maw of the criminal justice system.
No one comes out unscathed.
Many do not come out at all.


I get so frustrated because if that happened here I would take to the streets at once....even if I had to go it alone...which I have had to do before. Yet, so few people have the balls to say anything.

Florida NORML and SSDP chapters please contact me and let's see what we can cook up in the form of a protest.
Anyone else in that area of Florida please contact me as well.
It's time to make some noise.

Email me at if you want to help.

School District of Palm Beach County Police Department

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office


Palm Beach Community College Criminal Justice Institute

15th Judicial Circuit of Florida legal resources page with local government section.

15th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Barry E. Krischer

According to the Office of the Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Division, "The State of Florida defines a child as someone who is 18 years or younger. In some instances the Office of the State Attorney can decide to charge a child as young as 14 as an adult".

The Florida Narcotics Officers Association and their Region VI (Palm Beach/Broward) leaders.


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